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Some Things to Consider in Choosing a Lawyer:

Choosing a Lawyer:
You can decide to hire the lawyer at your first meeting, or you can take time to think about it. You might want to ask yourself these questions:
Will you be comfortable working closely with the lawyer?
Do you believe the lawyer has the experience and skill to handle your case?
Do you understand the lawyer’s explanation of what your case involves?
Does the fee seem reasonable?
If your answer to one or more of these questions is “no,” you probably should talk with another lawyer. If all your answers are “yes,” you may have found the right lawyer for you.

Looking Around for a Lawyer:
Before you meet with a lawyer, you may want to do some “comparison shopping.” If so, make a list of several lawyers. Telephone each lawyer on your list and ask for information that will help you make a decision. Some lawyers may want to meet briefly with you instead of discussing your problem on the telephone.
You may want to ask how much experience the lawyers have had with problems like yours and how recently they handled a similar case.
You may want to ask to hear about cases like yours that the lawyer may have handled.
Remember: Age may have nothing to do with the lawyer’s ability to help you. A lawyer who has practiced 20 years may have less experience with your type of problem than a lawyer who is 3 years out of law school.

No Guarantees. You should know that most legal work does not involve a “sure thing.” You should be cautious of an attorney who guarantees results.

Fee Agreements. It is important for you and your lawyer to agree about what you will pay the lawyer and what services the lawyer will perform. This way, both of you will know what to expect from each other as you work together on your case.

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