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Dwi Defense Attorney in San Diego, CA

A resourceful San Diego, CA, DWI defense attorney with Law Office of Kurt David Hermansen can handle your case if you have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The legal team here at our San Diego, CA, firm has practiced in both state and federal courts. We know exactly what to expect when it comes to local prosecuting attorneys and judges. Allow us to investigate your matter and work diligently on your behalf. Whenever necessary, we are happy to use investigators, experts, and other specialists to discover new evidence or discrepancies in the case of the prosecutor. This is just one of the ways that we provide personalized representation to our San Diego clients. No matter what transpires during our work together, we will be with you through all negotiations and legal proceedings consistent with the terms of the written engagement agreement. You will be consulted and advised regarding how we plan to move forward with your case. At the Law Office of Kurt David Hermansen, you have a highly skilled San Diego, CA, defense attorneys who care about your rights and interests. You are entitled to a vigorous defense. Exercise your rights today. Let us meet with you and discuss the circumstances surrounding your case. Call our San Diego, CA, practice. A member of our staff is ready to speak with you.

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